Ashlee and Josh Wedding


November 23, 2016

Ashley and Josh| The Savory | Watertown, New York WeddingPhotographer 


Ashlee and Josh wedding photographer stopped answering to their messages, emails and calls 2 weeks before the wedding. A friend of mine also a photographer, who was attending the wedding as a guest, contacted me, she hadn’t led a weeding, so she offered me the lead and she will second.

I jumped right in, I love weddings!!

And it was perfect, I had a great time photographing each one of them and their families, and in certain way they reminded me of my family. They were very welcoming! The parents of the bride, who are locals, received us like we were some of the most special guest they have, that was very special. 

Ashlee and Josh, had been together for a long time, they got engaged 2 years before the wedding. When we met to discuss the wedding plan, they said: “all we want is for everyone to have a great time, we want to focus less in the traditional wedding, we want a funny and interesting wedding and have everyone party like they never have before”.  I loved the fact  they wanted to focus on their guests, they knew the day was special for everyone else too. They wanted to make everyone feel included. 

When I asked about the ceremony they said ” we wanted short and sweet”, they knew already that their committed to each other a long time ago and now it was just time to celebrate. 

The day begun, and by the time we got to the hotel, the bride’s makeup was ready and the bridesmaids where getting theirs ready. We rushed upstairs to begin with the dress and shoes special shoots, then the groom got there, we got to do his ” getting ready”.  Next the couples shoot, and family and bridal party next. The ceremony was just like they said “short and sweet”,  excited they rushed the ” I do” ‘s and then the big party started. 


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