I met Hannah and Alex on Christmas of 2016, She inquired about a Christmas session for her and her boyfriend,  we set a plan for a weekend in December in a beautiful snowy day in Northern New York. 

They had been there a few days before to cut their first Christmas tree, we walked around, we found a spot and took a bunch of pictures, we said our good byes and little did I know I’ll be doing their surprise engagement over the next months. 

It was winter, we lived in a military base, my husband and her boyfriend were in the military, they usually leave for training all of January, during that time I invited Hannah to go to a state park just to get out of the routine and eat pasta at a very good restaurant in Syracuse, NY.  We clicked over the loneliness and crazy winters in Northern New York, the crazy military life and some other out of towner concerns and continued to chat over the next months. 

The Proposal 

 In May, Alex texted during the week, he got the custom made ring and he is ready to pop the question, I got super excited, I had talk to Hannah for months about how much she loved Alex and I knew this was a moment she longed for. 

I suggested a surprise proposal, Alex met me at the Christmas tree farm and we planned were and how he was going to kneel down and were my cameras will be hiding. 

I got there a couple minutes early, set up the flowers and a handmade sign Alex made for Hannah, hid in between Christmas trees  and waited for the couple to show up. 

A few minutes later I saw them walking towards me, I stayed quiet and there I was, with my big lens on hand capturing this special moment. 

Alex said to Hannah how she knew she was the one since the last Christmas they were there when in deep snow he was cutting a Christmas tree for her, and in one knee he asked her to be his wife, she said yes and I popped up like those creepy clown toys from the bushes. 

Here is their amazing day!




engagement Christmas tree farm

Hannah & Alex


Granger's Christmas Tree Farm

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